Welcome to Weddings – Parties – Anything!!! Cameraman - Justin O'Brien

A full-service video production business specializing in Wedding and Funeral Tribute videos – ensuring your memories are recorded and shared for years to come.

Weddings – Parties – Anything!!! has more than two decades experience in video production. Our background is as professional news cameraman/editors, we know how to tell a story and capture images that speak louder than words.

No job is too small. Last minute or tight deadline – No problem, give us a call and see if we can work something out!

RATES & SERVICES (please note: rates and services are a guide only – it could cost less, it could cost more – tell us what you want) 

Funeral Tribute Video – $600 (This video is aired during the funeral service. Edited to music and photographs or video supplied by family/friends, it is a great way to publicly remember the happy times shared with a Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Relative, Lover or Best Friend).

Funeral Service Video – $1,200 (A video of the service allows family and friends to look back at the Eulogy and heartfelt tributes for years to come. The completed video can be edited into segments and uploaded online to allow sharing with distant loved ones).

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Video – $1,800 (We’ll be there video-ing as ‘Mrs to be’ walks down the isle, capture that ‘first kiss’, official photographs, the best man’s speech and ‘that first dance’! A video of the highlights is included).   

Website – At Weddings – Parties – Anything!!! we believe ‘Social Media’ and the internet is the best way to SHARE your video memories. We can help construct a personal website dedicated to SHARE your memories FAST, EASY and CHEAPLY.         

Completed videos are exported to the format of your choice – example: .MP4, Quicktime Movie, Windows Media Video (WMV), uploaded to YOUTUBE or burnt to a DVD. 

CONTACT:   Owner: Justin O’Brien – Email:

Weddings – Parties – Anything!!! 



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