Recording A Voice

'Recording a script'

Click on the links below for audio of scripts I have written and voiced as radio stories.  The photographs are still I have taken on location to complement the audio.



Darwin's Bagot Community

'Darwin's Bagot Community'

Paramedics worry someone will soon be seriously injured – if teenagers continue to throw rocks at moving cars in Darwin’s suburbs.

The latest incident occurred last night, when a St John Ambulance crew were attacked as they drove into the Bagot Community from Bagot Road.

A rear window took the full-impact of a rock .. which left several chips in the glass.

Operations Director Craig Garraway says – the Paramedics radioed Police for back-up.

“The Police were great. They were not far behind when we were hit with the rocks – so they were able to make sure everything was fine and make sure there was no one else around to throw anymore rocks and then they escorted us in to the camp”.

Damaged Ambulance

'Rocked Ambulance'

Six teenagers under the age of 12 were responsible for the throwing rocks.

The attack on the ambulance was one of three rock throwing incidences reported to Police last night.

An attack on a taxi left a rear window broken and several panels damaged.

DATE: 8th of February, 2010


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