Nationality:   US Resident

Contact: justinobrien@live.com

Twitter: @justinobrien      Instagram: justinobrienusa

Justin B. O'Brien - Multimedia Journalist

Multimedia Journalist – Justin O’Brien


Education: 1981 – 1988 Daramalan College, Canberra Australia

Year 10 Certificate, Year 12 HSC

2001 University California Los Angeles

News Writing (UCLA extension course)

2002 Santa Monica College, Los Angeles

Introduction to Business, American History


Microsoft Word, ENPS, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Sony Vegas, FTP, BGAN satellite equipment, liner editing, ENG/professional video cameras, interview lighting, live-shot set up, website construction, Photoshop, multimedia reporting, field reporting, live reporting, producing, news camera and writing skills.   


I am an experienced Multimedia Journalist with 26 years news gathering experience. During the past two decades I have witnessed and covered major world events including the September 11 Attacks, the Afghanistan and Iraq War’s, Olympic Games, Earthquakes, Presidential Elections and violence in East Timor. I am multi-skilled, embrace technology, can report – produce – film – write – voice – edit and present.

I possess the experience and an ability to work under pressure, to tight ongoing deadlines in harsh and hostile environments. I can work independently from remote locations.

In May 2009, I worked on a short term contract with CBS News in the United States as a cameraman/editor based in the CBS Newspath Los Angeles Bureau.

I am an accomplished cameramen with experience in capturing emotive pictures and I have a sound knowledge of non-liner news editing software as well as using FTP software and BGAN satellite equipment.

At Channel Nine Australia in Darwin, my job description was to cover all Police and Defence issues. On-camera with the 6 o’clock news, I produced and wrote news packages daily. As well, I filed ‘blogs’ for Ninemsn on local issues and while reporting during overseas assignments.

In August 2010, I was employed by News Limited at the NT News in Darwin, as the newspaper’s multi-media journalist. In addition to writing daily news I worked as an investigative journalist filing stories on local issues. To compliment my newspaper reporting, I produced online versions of the stories which contained video I filmed and edited then uploaded to the NT News website.

As a measure of my success at the NT News, in October 2010 Northern Territory Police ‘tapped’ into my personal mobile phone records in an attempt to identify the sources of several stories I filed about Darwin’s Lord Mayor Graeme Sawyer. I refused to reveal my sources to NT Police investigators. An independent investigator later ruled the actions by NT Police as ‘unreasonable’ and public statements by NT Police Commissioner John McRoberts were categorised as ‘untruthful’.

In February 2011, I travelled to Vietnam and spent four-months volunteering as a teacher at a free English school in Nha Trang City.  

SHOWREEL:   www.justinobrienreports.com

JUNE 2011 – FEBRUARY 2013

Freelance Multimedia Journalist – Los Angeles

Multi-skilled, I am currently employed on a freelance basis by American and International news organizations in a variety of roles. These roles include cameraman – filming news and feature stories, editing news stories using Final Cut Pro, writing/producing news stories and on camera reporting. My clients include CBS Newspath, Channel Nine Australia, BBC News, Al Jazeera and RTL Germany.

* Recent stories include: The Republican Iowa Caucus, BCS Bowl, CES Las Vegas, American Music Awards, Steve Jobs’ death and Conrad Murray Trial

* Experienced at using ENG and consumer video cameras. Eg: XDCAM and Sony Z-5U

* Skilled and proficient editing with Final Cut Pro

* Ability to write news packages with speed

* An experienced ENG cameraman with USA travel knowledge

* Willingness to work ‘one-man-band’ reporting, shooting and editing

* Credible reporter voice and presence on camera

September 2010 – February 2011

Multimedia Journalist – NT News, Darwin Australia

Employed as the online journalist for the NT News, based in Darwin. The position involved writing stories for the daily edition of the newspaper, breaking news online as well as filming and editing video/photographs which I then uploaded to the NT News website. www.ntnews.com.au

Notable stories include: (click on link to view story and video)

‘Immigration security company raided’       ‘Lord Mayor’s home raided’

‘Ring-in at Noonamah’      ‘Man in red given rockstar welcome’

* Ability to write online breaking news

* Experienced at writing daily news stories for hard copy editions and the internet

* Skilled at working as one-man-band, filming video while interviewing talent

* Working knowledge of Sony Pro video cameras and Sony Vegas

* Ability to update website with breaking copy or published articles

* Working knowledge of photoshop and ability to edit and upload photographs to a website

* Skilled at writing, voicing and editing video news stories for a website

* Well read and interest in local, national and foreign news events

* Sound judgement in analysing a potential story, video and photographs prior to publishing

April 2009 – July 2009

Cameraman/Editor – CBS Newspath, Los Angeles USA

Employed on a three month contract while a permanent staff member takes long service leave, my responsibilities include filming and editing news packages as well as live shots in CBS News’ Newspath LA Bureau.

Stories covered include: Santa Barbara Wildfires, California Supreme Court ‘same sex marriage’ ruling and Phil Spector’s sentencing.

* Experienced at editing using Final Cut Pro

* Editing, producing packages independently

* Ingesting material live from links or satellites

* Setting up and filming live shots in the field

* File Transfer Protocol (FTP) video material on location to NY (See ‘Wildfire’ Blog)

* Using Sony XD video camera and record decks

March 2006 – August 2010

Television Journalist – Channel Nine News, Darwin

I am employed as the Nine News Darwin, Police and Defence correspondent. Reporting daily on-camera, I cover crime in Darwin using police and public contacts. Over the past four years I have developed a working rapport with Australian Defence Force staff – concentrating on Darwin based troops’ currently deployed to Afghanistan, East Timor and Iraq.

Story’s covered include – Assassination attempt on Jose Romas Horta, political unrest in East Timor, Katherine Floods, Hurricane Monica and Australian troops, reporting from on the ground in Afghanistan.

* Experience at live on-camera reporting, phone and radio crosses

* Executive Producer, Weekend News Bulletin (overseeing a technical staff of five)

* Presenter of Weekend News, Week Day Bulletins and Updates off an autocue

* Suggest and work through story ideas with News Director

* Initiate story’s, research, organize talent and the logistics of  covering a story

* Communicate and direct camera operator about a story’s video requirements

* On location interviewing and reporting experience

* Political reporting – Northern Territory and Darwin City Council election

* Establish and maintain a vast list of local/national contacts

* Oversee the story editing process

* Write presenters story introductions and voice overs

* Experienced at using ENPS

* Blog writing for Ninemsn

* Positive interaction with members of the public

* Arrange travel – flights, car and accommodation

* International and local travel experience

June 2005 – Jan 2006

Television Journalist – Channel Seven News, Brisbane

Police reporter covering metropolitan Brisbane. On-camera reporting, writing and packaging video news story’s.

* Proven ability to establish a contact list

* Work closely with a large crew of cameraman and editors

* Communicate story ideas with News Director, Executive Producer and Chief Of Staff

* Experience at helicopter travel to access a story quickly

* On location scripting, reporting and interviewing

* Oversee editing of news packages

* Live TV and Radio crosses

Feb 2004 – May 2005

Television Journalist – Channel Nine News, Darwin

Police and Defence journalist responsible for reporting daily news events in the Darwin region and across the Northern Territory.

Story’s covered: Former Senator Bob Collins, Territory Earthquake, Katherine Floods, Australian troop deployments to Iraq – Welcome home events, Northern Territory and Darwin City Council politics.

* Live on-camera reporting

* Executive Producer, Weekend News Bulletin (overseeing a technical staff of five)

* Initiate, research story‘s, organize talent

* Liaise with and direct camera operators

* On location interviewing, reporting and news gathering experience

* Work to tight deadlines

Dec 1993 – Jan 2004

Senior Cameraman/Editor – Nine Network Australia Los Angeles Bureau

Channel Nine Australia’s Senior Cameraman/Editor based in the Networks Los Angeles Bureau. A decade of experience covering the United States, North and South American news events. Responsible for organizing travel, producing, filming and editing news packages, working one man band alongside a correspondent. Liaise with US affiliates ABC, CBS and CNN.

Story’s covered: September 11 Attacks, 2003 Iraq Invasion, US Presidential Elections, Academy Award Ceremony’s, Columbine School Shooting, LA Earthquake, West Indies Cricket Tour, Olympic Games, Pro Bowls, US Masters Golf and US Open Tennis.

* Film and edit news packages

* Lighting cameraman – film feature length interviews and stories

* Edit feature length news, entertainment and sports stories

* Work independently

* Proven ability to anticipate and evaluate news situations

* Basic maintenance skills – repair cables, replace fuses

* Organize travel, including flights, excess baggage, car and hotel

* Arrange customs documents for international travel with equipment

* Book satellite and VYVX space to transmit a cut package

* Compile news feeds – US Networks ABC, CNN and CBS

* Work closely with a small team of reporters over long periods

* Experience at covering big news events e.g. Sept 11, the Washington Sniper, Golden Globe Awards, President George W. Bush Inauguration

* Outside Broadcast filming and editing experience e.g. US Masters Golf

* Interview talent, movie stars and produce entertainment story’s for the Today Show

* Extensive travel experience, departing often with little notice

* Hire and direct freelance staff

March 1990 – Dec 1993

Soundrecordist/Editor- Channel Nine News, Canberra Press Gallery, Parliament House Bureau

Federal Press Gallery experience covering National Politics as a soundrecordist and video tape editor for Channel Nine.

Story’s covered: Foreign Minister Gareth Evans tour of Cambodia, Hawke/Keating Challenge, 1993 Federal Election Campaign and Desert Storm.

* Morning D/Stops – Senate, Rep’s and Ministerial entrances

* Film press conferences

* Edit news packages

* Record and shot list incoming video material

* Travel with Prime Minister and VIP’s

* Listen and use initiative to anticipate developing issues and the involvement of key personalities

Please contact me at justinobrien@live.com for a contact list of independent referees familiar with my experience and work.


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